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Welcome to Gin & Chocolate Good Day Respected Clients At Gin & Chocolate we have a variety of services and products. Browse through our website to see if we can assist you or visit us today using the map directions below. Thanks for your business Our Location Contact Form

Hair Salon

Pricing: Cut  & Blow: Short: R200 Med: R280 Long: R320 Xtra Long: R350 Men: R140 Shave: R100 Girls: R110 Boys: R80 Pensioners: R 150 Wash & Blow: Short: R150 Med: R180 Long: R250 Xtra Long: R300 Wash & Curls: Short: R190 Med: R250 Long: R300 Xtra Long: R350 Blowave Bar: 4* Wash Blowaves or curls […]

Beauty Salon

Services & Pricing At Gin & Chocolate we offer a variety of beauty services. Here’s our top sellers: Blemishes Removal – R500 per session Nails All-Day Makeup – R450 Matric Makeup – R550 Bridal Makeup – R650 Eyebrows & Liner Power Brow Wing Eyeliner Microblading & Shading Lips – R1400 Plasmapen Treatment ( soft surgery […]

Coffee Shop & Venue

At Gin & Chocolate we have an extremely nice and affordable Coffee Shop and Venue for special occasions (Venue Prices on Request) !!!